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Menu Item Types: Appetizers/Starters



Meat Mix Platter €6.95

Combine of barbecued Chicken tikka, Sheek Kebab and Tandoori Chicken

Prawn Puri €6.95

Marinated prawn cooked in spices served on a light unleavened deep fried Indian bread

Tandoori Chicken € 5.25

Chicken on the bone marinated overnight in natural yogurt, Indian herbs and spices, barbecued in traditional tandoor oven

Sheek Kebab € 4.75

Finely minced lamb rolled in a skewer flavoured with onion, fresh mint, mixed herbs and spices cooked in a clay oven.

Rashmi Kebab € 5.75

Minced meat combine with sethu’s mix spices, herb pan fried and wrapped in omelette

Chicken Tikka € 4.75

Tender pieces of chicken marinated overnight in, fresh garlic, blend of spices and barbecued in a tandoor oven.

Horish Chat € 6.25

Combination of chicken tikka, sheek kebab, mushrooms and ground almonds. Bound together with creamy spiced mango sauce

Shami Kebab € 5.75

Finely minced meat mixed with spices, herbs in round patties and is shallow fried.


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The Sethu Restaurant is located in spectacular county of Kerry.

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